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 Warmahordes Month 5 Tournament

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Warmahordes Month 5 Tournament Empty
PostSubject: Warmahordes Month 5 Tournament   Warmahordes Month 5 Tournament EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 8:17 pm

The Harvest ...35 point tournament
This will be number 5 of the year-long tournaments at The Foundry.

When - October 26, 2013
Time - 12:00 (Registration begins at 11:00)
Location - The Foundry
7914 Memorial Parkway Southwest
Suite A-3 Huntsville, AL 35802
Phone # - (256) 213-7467
Entry - 10 Dollars
Steamroller 2013 (PDF Download)
General Information

The Main Goal is to have fun. Be courteous and kind to your opponents.
This is an official Steamroller Event - participants need to have a basic knowledge of the steamroller packet.

Player's may bring up to two 35 point lists (second list optional)

All lists will be verified before the tournament starts - please send me your lists before September 14th; otherwise, arrive at The Foundry an hour early for list verification. If you are arriving early for list verification - bring your cards as well as a copy of your tier requirements [if applicable].
Proxies are not allowed; however, conversions are as long as they meet Privateer Press's conversion policy.
Tier Lists are allowed (including No Quarter tiers).
Follow all of The Foundry's rules and expectations.
Prize Support TBD - All players must complete the event to be eligable for prize support.

We will be using the "baseline" format for the painting requirements. This means that models do not have to be painted - but they must be assembled and proxies are not allowed. Obviously, painted armies are encouraged. (See page 7 for more information.)

Pre Game Set-Up
Show both of your lists to your opponent. Secretly choose which one of your lists that you would like to use - and take the card for that warcaster / warlock and place it on the table (face down and hidden from your opponent). When both players have made their selection flip the warcaster/warlock card over simultaneously - you must use the army with that warcaster/warlock and the list can not be swapped after the card has been flipped.

After the armies have been selected then the starting roll can be rolled. This must come after the army selection - if the starting roll took place before the army selection then the roll will be void and a new roll must take place. Whoever has the higher roll gets to choose if he will go first or second. Whichever player goes second gets to choose his table edge.

See Page 5 for any additional information.

All scenarios will be chosen before the event starts and will be kept hidden until each round begins. (See page 4 for more information). All of the scenarios can be found in the Steamroller Document (PDF pages 8-19). Make sure that you have read the Scenario Reference Pages 1 & 2 (PDF pages 7 & 8 ) before arriving at the steamroller event (these pages define all of the scenario terms).

The number of rounds depends on the number of participants for the Steamroller Event. (See Page 3 for more information)

Participants Number of Rounds
8 or Fewer 3-Round Event
9 - 16 4-Round Event
17 - 32 5-Round Event

Turn Time Lengths
35 Point Round - Turn Time Per Person = 7 Minutes, Turn Time Length Extension = 3 Minutes (Twice Per Game - Both cannot be used on the same turn). (See page 8 [PDF Page 22] for more information.)
Tie Breaker
We will be using the "baseline" tiebreaker format (see page 9 [PDF page 23] for more information). To determine the winner in case of a tie we will be using the strength of schedule, followed by Control Points, and then Army Points Destroyed.

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Warmahordes Month 5 Tournament
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